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Willowear Soft Leg Weights

Improve your strength training workout with super soft leg weights. Our ultra soft leg weights fit comfortably and snuggly around your leg with a corduroy non-slip casing and extra long velcro strap to fit almost any leg!  We offer both variable and non-variable sets so you can customize your resistance training experience.

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Tone your muscles and build strength with these innovative Willowear soft leg weights from Firm Fit Inc. in Atlanta, GA.  We sell the absolute most soft and comfortable leg weights available for sale. Our Willowear leg weights are 100% made in the USA!  These products are not only great for fitness training but for rehab training.  Adaptable and adjustable they can be also used as hand-held weights.

Since 1992 we continue to offer excellent customer service for our complete line of Willowear leg weight products. Each weight is hand crafted, carefully sewn and packed to ensure quality control.

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Contact us in Atlanta GA to increase your overall strength and improve your bone density with the softest most comfortable leg weights.